Winter Listings - Christmas Decorating - Yes or No?

Do Christmas decorations help or hinder your sale?  It's always a good idea to think about their effect on potential buyers.  In most cases, less is more.  

While your home is for sale, keep the decorations relatively simple and blending well with your current decor so buyers can see your home's best features instead of being distracted by that 100 piece Christmas Village on your mantle. 

If you decide to do your usual full-tilt decor to keep the family happy, be sure to have your photos done before you decorate.  That way buyers can see what the home looks like under regular conditions and, if the listing doesn't sell quickly, you're not stuck with pictures of Christmas trees in your living room in March!

Outdoor lighting definitely makes your home appear brighter, warmer and more inviting -- particularly if all your neighbours have bright lighting.  You don't want your house to the only "dark" one on the street.  However, if you plan on using inflatables in your display, ensure they stay inflated.  There's nothing attractive about a wilted, deflated pile of nylon on your front lawn for a buyer's first impression.
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