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You, your home and your neighborhood are important to me.  After all, what's a real estate agent without property and people?!


In an effort to provide the best possible service to you, I'm dedicated to finding the best up-to-date information and sharing it with you to make your homelife simpler, easier and maybe even a little more pleasant.


Today's news involves the soft launch of White Rock City's Online Mapping System.  I've used the City of Surrey system to investigate and promote properties for years via Cosmos.  Now White Rock is also using the same Cosmos platform to provide information about property sizes, zoning, services etc.  It's a welcome (and long overdue!) addition to the process of buying and selling White Rock properties.


If you live in White Rock and/or are interested in learning more about White Rock properties, see for yourself by going to www.whiterockcity.ca and City Services and follow the link to White Rock Online Mapping Systems or WROMS

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