Shopping Local & Why It's Important to Me

I make my living helping people in my community buy and sell their homes.  It's a wonderful way to make a living and I'm grateful for the chance to help so many terrific people make the changes their lives require.


It's extremely important to me that the community in which those people find their homes is a healthy one with safe, clean streets, good schools and all the services they need to function well in their day to day lives.


One of the best ways to promote healthy living is to support the small businesses in that community - many of which are owned by local residents.  It's the small businesses who provide employment, donate to local schools and other worthy causes as well as act as the life blood central to community life.


That's why I've sponsored the Ocean Park Business Directory.  See it at   It provides a way for the folks who live in Ocean Park and nearby to access great local services and shops and then support them instead of driving across town (or the border) to the big box stores.

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