Getting Your Home Ready to Sell : Easy Fix Up Projects to Start Now



Clients getting ready to sell their homes often ask me to do a "walk through" to let them know what needs to be done prior to selling.  The first thing we talk about is always


The second thing we talk about are there are a few little fix-ups that are easy to do and make a real difference in making the house look clean and inviting. 


Fix Up #1:  Replacing Stained or Cracked Caulking around sinks and tubs.  

Removing it is easy with a metal or plastic tool. Hardware stores sell specially designed plastic ones that are inexpensive and super effective.


The tricky part is getting the caulk back in place evenly.  I've found that putting down painter's tape on either side of where I apply the caulking makes it easy, quick and very professional looking. Just be sure to remove the tape before the caulking dries!


Fix Up #2:  Change Light Bulbs and Update Light Fixtures

You want your home to be bright and well-lit.  Take your ceiling fixtures down, wash out the little bits of dust and bugs that have accumulated and replace burnt out bulbs with new ones. 

If your fixtures are old and out of style, consider a quick trip to Home Depot or Rona to get an inexpensive replacement from Home Depot or Rona.  It's amazing what a difference it can make in bringing your home up to date. 


Fix Up #3:  Painting.  When you Paint Your Walls, Consider Painting over that                           Dingy, Dirty Brick or Stone Fireplace

Not every brick or stone fireplace is created equal.  Some are lovely and could even be brought back with cleaning.  Some just are not.  If you have an fireplace in a family room that just doesn't work, think about painting over it. 


These are just a few ideas to get started on now.  I'll add more soon.  In the meantime, each of these is easy to achieve, won't break your budget and will really help to show your home at its best when it comes time to go on the market.

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