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The other day I stopped by to pick up a copy of the most recent Seniors Resource Directory for a client.  Over the Christmas holidays, it become more apparent to her and other family members that her Mom was having trouble keeping up with housework, grocery shopping and generally just getting out to enjoy life since her husband had passed away.

When she asked my opinion about selling the house and moving her Mom into a residence, I suggested talking it over as a group with their Mom first and seeing if they could find ways for her Mom to stay where she was.  I mentioned that Come Share was a terrific resource for help in many areas.  Everyone (including Mom!) agreed that staying in her current home was the best option for now if she had some day-to-day help with managing chores and activities that she and her husband had shared.  The family will look it over online while Mom is more comfortable with the paper directory to read.

If you are having some challenges with helping an older family member manage daily life, check out Come Share at   The Society has been actively working with and helping seniors and their families since 1977 and doing a terrific job.  Directory resources and more details are available online.

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